Tuesday, 11 October 2011

my dearest

yesterday was one hell of a day...i got my first stress at work and it bothers me all day long...what piss me off is the fact that I'm moderating an exam paper that is produced by a senior member of the staff (at least senior than me)and he is doing crap in his work..not only grammatical errors, the formatting and structures are all wrong.. I'm not saying that I'm good, but quoting from a fellow lecturer "take pride in your job"...it such a long day in the office and things started to cramp up and making me cranky...i don't have time to even have lunch and having to work on an empty stomach really doesn't do good to me and people around me...but, my day was saved by a simple, funny call from my dad asking whether my phone has a 3G as he wants to have a video call with me...which i have not because my phone is just an ordinary, basic phone...but that makes me happy and chirpy again...at least i know, whenever i am down, i have my family to cheer me up...

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