Friday, 27 May 2011

a new day

waking up to a knock on my door definitely gave me a mix up feeling...1, afraid that something happened to mommy and 2, hoping that everything is day was made up by the second hope...she's alright...she slept well after i gave her barley drink and right after she finished talking to her husband, she rested...quite a night for both of us...a new experience that would make me think and thank God for helping mommy and me...for guiding and giving us strength in life...a new life is beginning and a new chapter is to be written...hoping that mommy would be safe in her in-laws hands as she went back for the weekend...her mother in-law will definitely take good care of her, i know...will be seeing her next monday with a brand new story to be told, a brand new experience to share...pray everyone, pray for the best...Amin...

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