Friday, 27 May 2011

pregnancy? yeah, you rock!!!

i don't know whether i'll be as strong as what i see happening in front of my eyes now pregnant roommate is vomiting non-stop since i left her at 8 pm just now...she keeps on vomiting until nothing but water came out...she ate, but everything came out...i know she wanted to cry, but she holds it down.. the saddest part is that her husband is away for 3 month...she's left with me, a roommate who's not even married and definitely don't know how to handle a pregnant lady...i'll try my best to take good care of her...i'm a bit worried as the baby is only 6 weeks old...hope nothing bad happens to both mother and baby...hope i can be the best substitute-husband to her..will try to do everything i can to help her...this will definitely not put me down...i'm going to take it as a challenge and a good practice to my coming future...if i want to have a baby, i will need to go through the same it insane, but i bet all married women would want to have at least a baby...ther you go...i'm going to check on her for a while...if the vomiting does not stop, i'll send her to the clinic..i bet that's the best thing i could do now...


  1. berkacakaca mata aku membacanya liyana. aku terharu. thanx semlm menjaga aku yg mmg aku tatau nak gambarkan tak larat mcm mana. i love you....... mmmmmuaaaaahh!

    serious terharu.

  2. i love u to mummy-to-be...