Thursday, 11 August 2011

These tests are just ways of Allah saying that He still remember and love you..

Ramadhan is a holy month..i was hoping good things to come as a blessing from God.. what i've been through is not what i have expected..i am tested..part of me thank Allah for giving me the hardship, so that i can think and do whatever is needed to fulfill the test given..part of me, of course as a human would want to create tantrum, to blame others and run away from the test..but deep down inside i know that i have to face the truth..the truth hurts but what comes after it tastes as sweet as honey..hopefully i can taste the honey from the hardship so that i can be a better person inside out..Ya Allah, give me strength in walking this path You have directed me to, ease my heart so i can think wisely, guide me to the path that is good for me..i know that You will always be there for me no matter what...Amin ya rabbal a'lamin..

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