Wednesday, 22 June 2011

live life to the fullest?

being away for some time makes me think..thinking of my life and what i should do with do i handle my life? do i need to get a job that pays well so that i can travel wherever i want, buy what i want and do whatever i want? should i stop doing what i am doing now and start something new? should i stop seeing some people whom i think is giving me a hard time whenever i am close to them? should i consider my plans in marriage and living a life with one man for the rest of my life? should i just disappear and stay low for a while? should i ask God to take me now or am i not fit to be there with Him? what kind of life should i live now? have i ever hurt anyone on purpose? all these questions are usually questions that you would ask yourself whenever you are alone...whenever you think that life has done you more harm than good..but remember that it is you who choose how you want to live, not others.. just bare with it and i know you'll survive..

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