Sunday, 26 June 2011

love is...

all my life i have been asking the same question, "does love really exist?" part of me believed that it does, the other part doesn't. love is a commitment. one can love as many as they want to, as long as they can give their full commitment to each. love makes you believe in the impossible, love makes you makes you reach up to the sky and say that you can, even though you know that yo have failed before believing. love makes you cruel, as you become possessive, owning something that is not even yours. love makes you blind, as long as you believe that there's light in front of you, you'll just go through. even though you know at the end you'll fall and die. love makes you a fool,you want to be hurt and still believe that it is not true even though you have seen it with your eyes. in your heart, there's still faith to pull all the things together and make it a success, when there isn't any. love makes you dream, even though you know that the dream you dreamt about is only a nightmare in is impossible, but we still believe in love isn't an easy one and so is yours..

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